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Child friendly campsite in Limburg

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A child-friendly campsite in Limburg?

On holiday with your offspring in Limburg? A child-friendlier place simply isn’t possible! They can play in the large playground to their hearts’ content, enjoy the animals, go for a swim and there is plenty of room to learn how to cycle. That’s the child-friendly campsite in Limburg; De Heldense Bossen. And is your little one ready for a good scrub after a fantastic day of playing? The special children’s sanitary facilities is another reason why De Heldense Bossen is a child-friendly campsite. De Heldense Bossen can be found at De Groote Peel National Nature Area, which also organises plenty of discovery and activity programmes for children.

  • Heldense Bossen

    Limburg, Helden

    Campsite De Heldense Bossen in Helden in Limburg is the ideal children’s campsite during the school holidays, partly as a result of the lively entertainment programme, the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, the animal park and the large playgrounds. You never know, you may even bump into the ‘Bosmannetje’ (Forest Man) or Pip & Pleun and experience the absolute best adventures with these three in the Forest Club! Or perhaps visit Toverland (Magic Land) in Sevenum for a great day out with the whole family.

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