Why Ardoer?

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Ardoer represents quality

In order to become a camping site affiliated to Ardoer, your must regard quality as being of paramount importance. The scores in the independent classification from the ANWB and the results of our own external digital questionnaire enable us to confidently state that quality is of paramount importance for all Ardoer camping sites. Our hosts and hostesses do their very best to make your holiday a unique experience. However, if despite this, anything is not completely to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to mention this to them during your stay. This enables us to find a solution with your help.

Ardoer represents assurance in price

When you book your holiday with one of the affiliated camping sites, you immediately know what you can expect. The price is indeed the price. No extra booking costs. Where something can be booked in addition as an option or where additional costs are mandatory, for example, in the case of rented accommodation, this is clearly stated in the rates for the relevant camping site on this website. And in relation to cancellation insurance: you can make your own choice, however we will give you recommendations. This also represents assurance in price.

Please note: if an error in the online booking results in an incorrect price, the price list on the page for the camping site is applicable.

Ardoer is personal

All of the affiliated camping sites are independently managed and the owners are the host and hostess who provide you with a warm welcome. But also prior to this, to realize your holiday dream, contact your desired camping site directly. They like to help you personally before, during and after your holiday!

Ardoer is all-round

Everyone is different, also campers. One finds quietness important, the other wants to hike and families with children also have their own wishes. Of course we get that. That is why Ardoer distinguishes  different thesaurus.

Ardoer is surprising

Is every Ardoer camping site the same? No, certainly not. However, we have a mutual understanding. Each affiliated camping site is responsible for assurance, hospitality and quality. But also for a unique identity, a special location, well-organized camping sites and also an amazing range of rented accommodation. Be amazed, just look at the pages about how you can experience "the outdoors"!