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Camping Renting

A lot of choice

Camping is being outdoors like you dream about. So that you can choose the holiday that suits you best, in addition to an extensive range of rented accommodation, we can also offer you the following types of camping pitches:

  • Nature pitch: enjoy to the utmost without extra facilities.
  • Basic pitch: on this pitch, you will at least find an electricity supply, and at a number of camping sites, also a water supply.
  • Comfort pitch: this type of pitch offers you at least three of the following facilities: electricity (always available), water supply, drain and CAI (TV cable connection).
  • Comfort+ pitch: the Comfort+ pitch is intended for the camper who is looking for luxury. This type of pitch not only has the same facilities as a comfort pitch, but also has private sanitary facilities. These facilities can be located on the pitch itself, or can be a private bathroom in the sanitary building.

Look for the applicable information on the pages for the camping site, or contact the hosts and hostesses of your desired camping site.

Seasonal- and annual pitches

A number of camping sites offer seasonal- and/or annual pitches. Different or additional rules are applicable to this. Thus, contact the relevant camping site directly, in sufficient time beforehand. They can inform you about the possibilities, any waiting lists, etc.

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