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Disabled persons/Carefree holiday with care

Handicapped, a carefree holiday with care
Within Ardoer there are different possibilities to enjoy a carefree holiday with care if you have someone with a disability in your family.

Click here for more information about disabled persons or a carefree holiday with care.

Dogfriendly camping sites

He is the first one to happily greet you when you get home and the one who is always happy to see you: your dog. We want to make sure your dog can also enjoy a fantastic holiday, which is why a number of the Ardoer dog-friendly holiday parks welcome dogs too. It goes without saying your dogs need to be on a lead at all times, making sure they do not inconvenience other guests. Click on the overview below to find your favourite campsite which welcomes dogs.

Click here to see at which camping sites your dog is allowed.


Quickly read your emails, update your status on Facebook and Twitter or check the weather forecast before you get on your bike: even during your holidays you can´t go without the internet.  All Ardoer parcs offer Wifi.