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Information about the Coronavirus

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Going on holiday in the Netherlands - National rules

National measures to go on holiday in the Netherlands

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. This is why the Netherlands will is currently in its strictest lockdown.

Campsites and holiday parks are open, but traveling to the Netherlands is not recommended unless it is strictly necessary. If you do travel to the Netherlands, make sure that everyone is in good health. If you have a cold or if you don't feel well, stay at home! 

Travel responsibly:

  • Only travel if you have no health complaints;
  • Limit travel movements;
  • Travel outside of the holiday season;
  • Always keep 1.5 meters distance from others;
  • Wearing a mouth mask in public places is mandatory;
  • Avoid moments of contact with others.

Travel wisely and prepare well, read the national rules that apply in the Netherlands:

Dutch National rules

Lockdown extended

Update March 31th (2021)

“Only together we can control corona”

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