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Information about the Coronavirus

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Going on holiday in the Netherlands - National rules

It is nice to enjoy a (short) vacation with the family. A change of scenery, peace and quiet and nature, that's what you'll find at Ardoer's affiliated camping sites. But what about Corona?

You can go on holiday in the Netherlands, but it is important to follow the basic rules when you are away too.

Travel responsibly:

  • Only travel if you have no health complaints;
  • Limit travel movements;
  • Always keep 1.5 meters distance from others;
  • Wear a face mask where required, such as on public transport;
  • Avoid moments of contact with others.

Travel and Holidays  Basic Coronavirus measures Checklist for entering or returning to the Netherlands

Travel wisely and prepare well.

Update March 11th (2022)

“Only together we can control corona”

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