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FAQ regarding the Coronavirus

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Frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19

All of our campsites are open!
Depending on the campsite and region, there can still be some limitations, so please keep in mind that some facilities may be (partly) closed. Fortunately, there are more and more possibilities to have a nice summer holiday after all. We have listed the general nationwide regulations below. For information on specific campsites, determined according to the relative safety regions, we refer you to the campsite pages. These pages are updated to keep you informed on the current situation. 

Campsites may open again, under strict conditions. We have listed the nationwide regulations below. It is possible that there will be extra measures in some regions. 

  • Public laundry, toilet and shower facilities on holiday parks and campsites are open.
  • The indoor and outdoor pools of holiday parks and campsites are open. The protocols of the swimming pool sector must be followed. It will be decided per campsite if and in what way the facilities will be opened.
  • Campsites with catering facilities are allowed to open their terraces, as long as the regulations of 1.5 metres distance and every household being at their own table are observed. 
  • The restaurants and cafes at the campsites will also be open again. Reservations are required. 
  • Entertainment, indoor playground etc: it will be decided per campsite if and in what way facilities will be opened. Ask for more information at the campsite you are planning to visit.
  • Long-term campsite guests who have access to their own sanitary facilities, may use their accommodation. The same applies to seasonal guests with their own sanitary facilities.  
  • Rental accommodations, such as bungalows, chalets, safari tents etc. It is allowed to stay in one holiday accommodation with multiple families, as long as people who are not part of the same household always (so indoors as well) keep 1.5 metres distance between each other. Access to private sanitary facilities is also required.
  • The regulations in the ‘1.5 metres protocols’ must be complied with.

Are the campsites open?
All of our campsites are open! Depending on the campsite and region, there can still be some limitations, so please keep in mind that some facilities may be (partly) closed. For information about a specific campsite, we ask you to contact the campsite in question directly.

Can I travel with public transportation in the Netherlands?
Public transportation in the Netherlands is only meant for essential travel. Going on holiday does not fall under essential travel. If you (still) really need to use public transportation, it is required to wear a (non-medical) face mask.

I would like to go on a daytrip. Can I use public transportation?
For now, public transportation is still only meant for essential travel. A daytrip does not fall under essential travel. So you should always consider carefully if there are no other travel options. Or you can visit a zoo or museum close by, or go cycling.

Is it possible to cancel my holiday because of COVID-19?
If it is not possible for you to go on holiday because of COVID-19, or if you are considering to reschedule or cancel your holiday, please contact the Ardoer campsite in question.

For more information and frequently asked questions on COVID-19, please check the website of the government of the Netherlands.

Is it possible to cancel my holiday due to the Coronavirus?
If you cannot go on holiday due to the Coronavirus or if you are considering canceling or postponing your booked holiday, please contact the concerning Ardoer company you booked at. In consultation will be examined whether and which possibilities there are to find a suitable solution.

What rules do I have to follow during my holiday in the Netherlands?
During your stay in the Netherlands you must follow the rules that have been imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These rules apply to everyone in the Netherlands, including tourists.

  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres (approx. 2 arm’s lengths) from other people.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Don’t shake hands with others.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Avoid busy places. Leave if you notice it is becoming difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • To get around, use your own vehicle, rent a bike or take a taxi. Use public transport for essential travel only. You must wear a non-medical face mask when using public transport.

Are extra measures taken regarding the hygene on the campings?
We advise our guests to follow the regulations set by the RIVM. We ask our guests to follow the guidelines in order to protect the health of our employees, fellow guests and for themselves.

Will the rental accommodations and public facilities be cleaned more thoroughly at the camping?
Cleaning has always been our priority. The current way of cleaning should be enough. All nescessary extra cleaning activities will take place according to national regulations, in case of a Corona infection on the camping. 

Am I entitled to a lower nightly rate when facilities, such as the swimming pool, are closed?
Since these regulations are imposed by the gouvernement, there is no right to a lower nighly rate.

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