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FAQ regarding the Coronavirus

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Frequently asked questions regarding the Coronavirus

Is it possible to cancel my holiday due to the Coronavirus?

If you cannot go on holiday due to the Coronavirus or if you are considering canceling or postponing your booked holiday, please contact the concerning Ardoer company you booked at. In consultation will be examined whether and which possibilities there are to find a suitable solution.

Can I still go on a holiday to an Ardoer camping due to the Coronavirus?

Yes, you can still go on holiday. All our campsites are open or will open and you are more than welcome. Do you want to know if the camping where you made your reservation at is open or when they will open? Contact in that case the concerning camping directly by phone or email.

Does the regulation 'no more than 100 people all together' count for campings too?

No, this regulation on itself does not count for campings. However, all our campings will try to ensure that there are never more then 100 people in the same place.

Are extra measures taken regarding the hygene on the campings?

We advise our guests to follow the regulations set by the RIVM. We ask our guests to follow the guidelines in order to protect the health of our employees, fellow guests and for themselves.

Will the rental accommodations and public facilities be cleaned more thoroughly at the camping?

Cleaning has always been our priority. The current way of cleaning should be enough. All nescessary extra cleaning activities will take place according to national regulations, in case of a Corona infection on the camping. 

Am I entitled to a lower nightly rate when facilities, such as the swimming pool, are closed?

Since these regulations are imposed by the gouvernement, there is no right to a lower nighly rate.

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