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Your pet is welcome!

He is the first one to happily greet you when you get home and the one who is always happy to see you: your dog. We want to make sure your dog can also enjoy a fantastic holiday, which is why a number of the Ardoer dog-friendly holiday parks welcome dogs too. It goes without saying your dogs need to be on a lead at all times, making sure they do not inconvenience other guests. Click on the overview below to find your favourite campsite which welcomes dogs.

As we naturally also understand some of our guests will specifically opt for a dog-free park, we have also listed these in the overview: Bosgraaf, Ginsterveld, Hertshoorn, Julianahoeve, Ons Buiten and Ullingse Bergen are all dog-free.

Campsites with dogs

  • Ackersate

    Gelderland, Voorthuizen

    Making long walks in the forest with your dog is a great way to spend your holiday. Dogs are permitted on the campsite. One dog is allowed per pitch. Dogs are not permitted in the accommodations. The visitors’ dogs are unfortunately not permitted on site.
  • Zandhegge

    Gelderland, Emst

    Campsite Zandhegge is very understanding of the fact you want to enjoy your holiday together with your dog! There are various places near the campsite where dogs can enjoy a lovely run off lead in the Veluwe nature. A maximum of 2 dogs, on a lead, are permitted per pitch on Campsite Zandhegge. You can also bring your dog along to the Farmers’ Tent, Lodge Tent and 6 person Heggies Plekkie mobile home. Visitors’ dogs are unfortunately not permitted entry to the campsite.
  • Diana Heide

    Drenthe, Amen

    What would you say to your own walking area, measuring an impressive 14 hectares? Plus there are an additional 1200 hectares of state forests with special areas to walk your dog off lead right next door. Your dog would be more than welcome to come and stay at Campsite Diana Heide in the Drentse Amen (a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch or accommodation). And would you like to go out for a day without your dog too? There is a dog day care centre just 1 km from Diana Heide, where you can simply make an...
  • Akkertien

    Overijssel, Vollenhove

    Dogs are permitted at Campsite Akkertien in this beautiful water-rich region of Overijssel. Go on a boat trip together, or walk until your four-footed friend falls asleep completely exhausted and satisfied back at the pitch. Fantastic, right? Dogs are not permitted in the accommodations.
  • Paardekreek

    Zeeland, Kortgene

    Dogs on a lead are very welcome both at Paardekreek as well as on the beach! You can enjoy some fantastic walks in the forest behind the campsite. You can use the waste bags available at the campsite’s dog toilet areas. You can bring a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch. In some of the accommodations dogs are allowed.
  • Rotonde

    Gelderland, Enspijk

    Camping with your dog in the Betuwe? You can at Campsite Rotonde in Enspijk. One dog is permitted per pitch. The rented accommodation is dog-free. There is a special path for walking your dogs near the Koopvaardij Island on the campsite. This area is specifically for dogs and also includes a dog toilet as well as waste bags placed at various locations. Handy!
  • Noetselerberg

    Overijssel, Nijverdal

    Campers with their dogs (on a lead!) are very welcome to some of the camping fields at Campsite Noetselerberg! You will find various areas where you can walk your dog off lead at the Sallandse Heuvelrug. You can collect free ‘poo bags’ from reception. One dog is permitted per pitch and the accommodations are dog-free. Visitors’ dogs are unfortunately not permitted entry to the campsite.
  • Zeeuwse Kust

    Zeeland, Renesse

    You are permitted to bring along your dog(s) to Beach Park Zeeuwse Kust. The campsite allows dogs in a number of chalets and on the ground floor of the hotel. There is a large area around the park where dogs are allowed off their leads and run about and play together. Poopscoop bags are available throughout the entire park. All dogs will be given a bag with some delicious treats upon arrival. Dogs (on leads!) are also very welcome in the central building!
  • Rheezerwold

    Overijssel, Hardenberg

    You can rest assured you can enjoy all possible creature comforts when you and your dog enjoy a camping trip at Campsite ‘t Rheezerwold! Is he covered in mud after having fun in the adjoining forest and looks an absolute state upon your return to the campsite? No problem at all, as this will quickly be put right with the practical dog shower at the campsite. A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per pitch at ‘t Rheezerwold. The accommodations are dog-free.
  • Zwinhoeve

    Zeeland, Retranchement

    Your dogs are very welcome at Zwinhoeve (maximum of 2 dogs per pitch). One dog is also permitted to a limited number of rented accommodations upon request. Dogs are welcome to the Cadzand beach from: 1st June to 1st September: on a lead between 09:00 and 19:00 hours. 1st September to 1st June: Your dog is always permitted to be off lead on the beach during this period! Please refer to the information signs at the beach entrances for rules at the other beaches
  • Sint Maartenszee

    Noord-Holland, Sint Maartenszee

    On holiday in Maartenszee? You can bring along your pets to the camping pitches, wooden summer cabins, wood lodges and hikers’ huts! Pets are unfortunately not permitted in the bungalows.
  • Reeënwissel

    Drenthe, Hoogersmilde

    Dogs are allowed at Reeënwissel on leads, with the exception of the dog-free field Berkenheuvel (this also applies to visitors’ dogs).
  • Kaps

    Overijssel, Tubbergen

    You can enjoy a camping trip with your dog in Overijssel at ‘n Kaps in Tubbergen. The surrounding area is perfect for enjoying some of those long walks you don’t normally have time for. Why not spoil your dog by taking him away for a weekend every now and then. A limited number of accommodations will allow you to bring your dog with you upon request (a maximum of 1 dog). A camping holiday with your dog is also easily arranged, as you can bring along a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch.
  • Heldense Bossen

    Limburg, Helden

    You are very welcome to bring your dog along when camping at Heldense Bossen in Limburg. A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted on the pitches and on part of the campsite. The playground, restaurant, swimming pool and sunbathing area and the rented accommodation are dog-free.
  • International

    Zeeland, Nieuwvliet

    You can either camp or stay in a hikers’ hut with your dog at Campsite International in Nieuwvliet.
  • Jutberg

    Gelderland, Laag-Soeren

    You will find a big area for your dog(s) to run around off lead right next to Campsite Jutberg. Your dog is more than welcome on site whilst on a lead and a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch are permitted. Would you like to eat or drink something in the Eeterij after your walk, then your dog is more than welcome to join you! Our reception staff would be more than happy to provide you with free poo bags.
  • Duinoord

    Zeeland, Burgh-Haamstede

    Duinoord is a fantastic place in Zeeland to camp with your dog, as a result of its beautiful location between the forest and the beach. One dog per pitch is permitted during the peak season. The rented accommodation is dog-free.
  • Holterberg

    Overijssel, Holten

    Anyone who enjoys long walks would have the perfect holiday with their dog at Campsite Holterberg in Overijssel. Your dog can enjoy hours of fun at the base of the Holterberg. A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per pitch and in the hikers’ huts on Campsite Holterberg.
  • Scheldeoord

    Zeeland, Baarland

    You and your dog can really enjoy some delicious fresh air at Scheldeoord. Enjoy a walk along the dike and feel the wind blow through your hair. Your dog is welcome on the pitches; all accommodation is dog-free.
  • Noorder Sandt

    Noord-Holland, Julianadorp aan Zee

    Your pet is very welcome at 't Noorder Sandt! So you won’t need to arrange anyone to look after your pet when you come camping with us. Pets are permitted both on the pitches as well as in the rented accommodation. Camping with your dog in North Holland is fantastic, as you can simply take them along with you. But you even have the option of bringing along your cat, canary, guinea pig, rabbit or even your horse. We also have a mini equestrian centre with guest...
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