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Reviews on the website of Ardoer

There are two types of reviews on the Ardoer website, each of which has its own source.

Ardoer reviews

The website shows reviews that we have received from our guests. To collect these reviews, a guest is sent a questionnaire after staying at one of Ardoer's affiliated camping sites. This questionnaire asks about experiences and possible improvements for the stay. Guests are also asked to grade various aspects of the questionnaire. On the Ardoer website, the average of these marks is displayed, as well as an average of the total mark given by the guests staying at Ardoer.

In addition to the general questions, the questionnaire asks whether the guest wishes to leave a textual evaluation. If the guest explicitly gives permission for this, these reviews will be placed on the website. No textual changes are made here. Reviews that are offensive or contain inappropriate words are removed. In a few cases it can happen that a guest who has cancelled a stay at the last minute, or has not shown up, still fills in a questionnaire. These responses are also removed. Reviews are never modified without the express permission of the respondent.

The Ardoer ratings and reviews are based on a closed-loop system, in which only guests who have stayed at a campsite receive an invitation to fill in the questionnaire. This invitation is sent to all guests who entered an e-mail address when making the reservation. There is no further check on whether the person filling in the questionnaire is actually a natural person. This is not necessary given the way the mail addresses are collected and the product.

Google reviews

In addition to the 'own' Ardoer reviews, we also display Google Reviews on the website. These reviews of Ardoer affiliated campsites are displayed on the website via a direct link. There is no content check. We do not check whether the person has actually stayed at a camp site. Google does its utmost to prevent fake reviews, for example by using profiles, but we at Ardoer have no influence on this.

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