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Where can I go to give feedback about the campsite?

The hosts and hostesses at the independent campsites do their utmost to make your holiday enjoyable. However, you may still have a complaint about the campsite. Are you still at the campsite? Read where you can go with your feedback. Are you already at home? Then find out below how you can share your feedback.

Feedback during your vacation

Do you have feedback during your vacation? Then of course you want it to be addressed as soon as possible. Feel free to come to the reception of the campsite you are staying at and share your experience. Hopefully together you can come to a solution and you can enjoy your vacation carefree again.

Feedback after your vacation

Ardoer is a collaboration between independent camping sites in the Netherlands, which means that feedback is handled by the camping site itself. A few days after returning home, you will receive a survey in which there is room to share your experience and to report your points of improvement. Would you rather speak to someone from the campsite personally? Feel free to contact the camp site in question.

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